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We are a family-owned business that started our toy vending business over 40 years ago. We have been providing our toy & amusement vending service throughout Southern California since 1980. 

We are providing vending services to all types and sizes of businesses from a 50,000 square foot sports center to shopping malls, to 1000 square foot pizza restaurants, and anywhere in between.


Over the years we have provided our vending services to many national accounts and chains like Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Round Table Pizza, Little Caesars, Edwards Cinema, Cineplex Odion, Carmike Cinema, Brunswick Bowling Centers, Denny's Restaurants, and many others. 

Simon Grill - CEO & Founder

Still, our main focus and attention will always be the Mom & Pop Businesses. This is the foundation of our business motto. 

Like any other business. It takes time to learn. What works? And what doesn't? After 40 years of hands-on experience. We have narrowed our success into a simple formula.
  • Use tested and proven quality equipment

       (We design and make many of our vending equipment here in California)


  • Research and test new merchandise continuously

       (Over the years we developed a network of toy suppliers to assure that we are offering the

       hottest available merchandise)


  • Provide fast reliable service since 1980

If you are looking to add amusement and toy vending to your business, you will find our experience to be very important to assure smooth implementation and a continuous successful program for a long duration of time. Many of our accounts have been with us for over 10 years. 

The Benefits of Our Amusement and Toy Vending

  • No long-term commitment, cancel anytime

  • Completely hands-off commission-based vending program

  • You provide the space, and we do everything else

  • We turn your empty space into fun and profits

  • Our exclusive modular vending system allows us to offer equipment for any size location

  • ​Provide added value to visiting customers

  • Attract kids to your location

  • Family fun for kids of all ages

  • Put a smile on your customer's faces and they will come back

  • No investment, completely free

We see it all the time, almost everywhere we look we see businesses with empty floor spaces that could be utilized to create a fun area for their customers while generating extra income to your bottom line.

How We Help

We Provide a Solution

We know and understand that business owners are busy running the day-to-day operations and don't have the time or the knowledge of how to get a vending program started. We Can Help You!

We visit your location and look for areas that are NOT being utilized. We will show you images of a variety of different Toy Vending Machines that we offer along with dimensions and images of how our Toy Vending Machines can be grouped together to optimize your unused space.


*No Investment  *No Commitment  *Nothing to lose


Who We Help

A Variety of Local Businesses

Food Locations

Chicken Chinese Restaurants
Chinese Take Out
Family Restaurants
Ice Cream Parlors
Italian Restaurants
Pho-Vietnamese Restaurants
Mexican Restaurants
Pizza Parlors
Route 66 Diner
50's Diners


Barber Shops
Batting Cages

Bowling Centers
Birthday Locations
Car Washes
Indoor Playgrounds
Indoor Sports Arenas
Ice Skating Rinks
Roller Skating Rinks


Discount Stores
Dollar Stores
Coin-Op Laundry Mats

Indoor Malls
Strip Malls
Novelty Stores
Sporting Good Stores
Super Markets


1. We come to visit your location (takes only minutes of your time)
2. Make our re-commendations for your unused space
3. We deliver and set up equipment for
4. Your customers are having FUN and your increasing your INCOME!

Our exclusive Unique vending machine designs together with our vast knowledge of what is selling hot in merchandise will assure that you will start earning commissions right away. 


Thanks for submitting!

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